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Get a SME Grant
Government assistances for corporate growth

In line with the Government’s lead to promote SMEs and SMIs for greater economic growth, a full range of grants and incentives open for those who are qualified to apply.:


  • Business Planning & Development;
  • Product & Process Improvement;
  • Productivity & Quality Improvement & Certification;
  • RosettaNet Standard Implementation;
  • Factory Auditing Scheme;
  • Enhancing Product Packaging Design & Labelling Capabilities;
  • Enhancing SMEs Marketing Skills;
  • Development & Promotion of Halal Products, to Soft Loans;
  • SMEs;
  • ICT Adoption; and
  • Factory Relocation.

Soft Loans

  • Soft Loans Package for SMEs
  • Soft Loan Scheme for Factory Relocation
  • Soft Loan Scheme for ICT Adoption

We provide the services in helping those who are interested and qualified to obtain the grant or soft loan. Setting-up of manufacturing project and application for Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone with Ministry of Industrial Development Sarawak (MID) are also within our scope.

**SME Corp. Malaysia has discontinued the current grant schemes with effect from December 2009,

pending the introduction of new assistance schemes for SMEs.


We welcome you becoming our client in Loan & Licensing Division for your better growth.


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