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A "franchise" generally refers to an investors contractual right (identified as the franchisee) to operate a business by using a system, method or philosophy developed by a party called the franchisor. Franchise rights will normally include a license for franchisee to market goods withing a location or territory using the trademark owned by the franchisor. In consideration for the franchisor's grant of franchise rights, it is usual that the franchisee pays the franchisor for a fee and/or a percentage of sales.

When people speak of franchises, they are usually referring to business format franchises. Such a franchise is essentially a clone of an existing business that has been proven to be successful. The franchisor has developed a sustem for reproducing his business (often right down to the finest detail). When you buy a franchise, your rent the franchisor's trademark and method of doing business, i.e. a standarized approach to deliverting a product or service.



By virtue of Section 6 of the Franchise Act 1988, a franchisor or master franchisee is required to make an application to register his franchise with Registrar of Franchises Malaysia. Section 55 may applicable to a Master Franchisee of a Foreign Franchisor. Under the circumstances, registrations of both Section 6 and Section 55 may have to be proceeded simultaneously. Our professional approach for the preparation of Franchisor/ Master Franchisor will be as follows:


Franchise Feasibility Study

- Franchise Blueprint agree
- Franchise Financial Model Agree
- Territory Mapping
- Commence Franchise Prospectus & Franchise Website (s)


Franchise Infrastructure Development

- Finish Franchise Prospectus and Franchise Website (s)
- Finish Franchise maximizing income model
- Commence Franchise Operational Manual
- Commence Franchise Legal Works
- Start to contact potential franchisees
(if initial targets can be made)


Franchise Recruitment

- Finish Franchise Operational Manual
- Finish Franchise Legal Contracts
- Ongoing contacting of potential franchisees
- Franchisee training programs
- Interview any prospective franchise


Launching & Support

- Launch Franchise
- Organizing Franchise network meetings and conferences
- Developing & implementing franchise local marketing campaigns
- Assisting Master Franchisees sell their franchises.
- Exit Franchise Planning



By virtue of Section 54 of the Franchise Act 1988, a foreign person who intends to sell a franchise in Malaysia or to any Malaysian Citizen is required to submit an application for approval from the Registrar of Franchises Malaysia. Our professional approach for the preparation for Foreign Franchisor will be as follows:

Review & preparation

- Check completeness of documents
- Compilation of Letter of Intent & other relevant documents


- Ensure completion of papers
- Forward application to ROF for decision


- Follow up with ROF
- Notice of Approval


We welcome you becoming our client in Intellectual Property Division for your right protection


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