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SCORE Investments
The first step to make your business dream come true.

What is Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE)?

  • One of the five regional development corridors being developed throughout the country.
  • Major initiative undertaken to develop the Central Region and transform Sarawak into a developed State by the year 2020.
  • Aims to achieve the goals of accelerating the State’s economic growth and development, as well as improving the quality of life for the people of Sarawak.

Core of SCORE

  • Energy resources (hydropower, coal and natural gas) that will allow Sarawak to price its energy competitively and     encourage investments of energy-intensive industries that will act as triggers for the development of a vibrant     industrial development in the corridor.
  • Where it is located?

  • Located within the Central Region of Sarawak
  • Major urban centres within the corridor are Sibu, Bintulu, Mukah, Sarikei and Kapit.
  • Three(3) Major Growth Node

    Three focused growth nodes are selected to focus investment efforts within the Corridor to derive synergies in the development of the entire centre region

    1. Similajau
    2. Tanjung Manis
    3. Mukah

    Why invest inSCORE?

    • Gaining access to relatively cheap and abundant energy, water and land.
    • Skilled workforce also readily available
    • Government is pro-business
    • Political stability, racial harmony and free from natural calamities
    • Existing infrastructure, infostructure, utilities and social amenities

    Why investors choose Sarawak?

    1. Political and economic consideration

    • Continuous political stability and good governance
    • Prudent financial management ad rapid economic growth
    • Business friendly government and good delivery system

    2. Infrastructural development and industrial facilities

    • Good industrial park, reliable utilities and good telecommunication system
    • Modern infrastructure and excellent facilities

    3. Natural resources and climatic factors

    • Bountiful natural resources
    • Free from natural calamities

    4. Human Resource Development

    • Young and trainable workforce
    • Good industrial relation and competitive labour cost
    5. Customized incentive for investment and other social factors
    • Generous incentives for investment
    • High quality of life, good leisure centers and excellent recreational facilities
    Development Concept
    • Private investment in priority industries and their associated downstream value-added economic activities will be the primary force behind the growth and development of SCORE.
    • Supported by investments in basic infrastructure development such as roads, airports, ports and power supply, they lay the very foundation of widespread and sustainable development in the Corridor and beyond.

    Plans & Strategies
    Five-Prong Development Strategy for the Corridor

    1. Drive priority industries investments towards 3 major growth nodes along the Corridor:-

    • Tanjung Manis (South)
    • Mukah (Centre)
    • Similanjau (North)

    2. Build a well-designed network of industrial class transport and communication infrastructure within the Corridor, extended outwards to systematically open up the hinterland.

    3. Fast-forward the development of energy supply centering around currently known feasible hydro power (Murum, Limbang, Baram and Baleh) and coal deposit sites.

    4. Accelerate human capital development within the Corridor with new learning centres and controlled immigration of skilled foreign workers.

    5. Develop the tourism industry, focusing on the natural attractions of the Central Region, particularly the lakes upstream of the hydro power stations and the beaches along the northern part of the Coridor.

    Three (3) Phases for Corridor Development

    Phase I

    Building the Corridor Foundation
    • 9MP (MTR) and 10MP
    • To build basic infrastructure for the Corridor
    • To grab pioneer industries for the Corridor

    Phase II

    Toward Vision 2020
    • 11MP
    • To ensure the growth and development of the Corridor by building industrial clusters.
    • To develop R&D capabilities

    Phase III

    Fruition of the Corridor
    • 12MP & 13MP
    • R&D to sustain the economy
    • More internally generated investments

    Incentives for investing in SCORE
    1. Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
    • Pioneer Status
    • Investment Tax Allowance
    • Reinvestment Allowance
    2. Federal Government
    • Infrastructure Allowance
    • Import Duty Exemption
    • Double Deductions on freight charges
    3. Fruition of the Corridor
    • 12MP & 13MP
    • R&D to sustain the economy
    • More internally generated investments

    What are the expected benefits?
    Impact of initiatives will include:-

    • Achieving the goal of balance development
    • General improvement in income levels and quality of life in the State
    • Generate vast economic, business and employment opportunities and will also lead to the development of infrastructure, utilities, info structure and social amenities.
    What are the Priority Industries?
    1. Oil-based industry
    2. Aluminum industry
    3. Steel industry
    4. Glass industry
    5. Glass industry
    6. Palm oil industry
    7. Timber-based industry
    8. Livestock industry
    9. Aquaculture industry
    10. Marine engineering industry
    Attracting Private Investment
    In order to direct the flow of investments to their rightful places in the Corridor and the State, special incentives must be designed to ensure unparalleled competitive advantage without undue sacrifice to the long-term benefits of the State and the Nation. These can include:-
    • Attractive energy prices that is optimal in the long run for both the investors and the state/nation.
    • Attractively-priced land leases
    • Attractive immigration rules for foreign expertise and workers, at least in the initial stages of the Corridor development
    • Adequate provision of sufficient basic utilities and infrastructure (roads, ports, utilities)
    • Attractive tax incentives

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