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Financial flexibility to facilitate business growth

Financial institutions are the primary providers of funds for small and medium enterprises in Malaysia. A comprehensive range of trade financing services ie. loan and credit facilites, can be structured to suit your trade needs:

  • Working Capital Financing/ Import & Export
  • Overdraft/ Tradelines -- LC (Letter of Credit), BA (Bank Acceptance), TR (Trust Receipt), BG (Bank Guarantees)
  • Term Loan/ Overdraft (Property Financing); and
  • Hire Purchase/ Leasing (Equipment & Machinery Financing).

We do the loan application process for you with the preparation of statutory, financial & management documents and also a well-written/structured business plan depends on the banker’s requirement. We are all ears to listen your business strategy with our stand-by supports to get the right resources.


We welcome you becoming our client in Loan & Licensing Division for your better growth.




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