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If your company account is not maintained in a proper and updated manner, how would you know your business is actually making profit or loss? What are your most-killing overhead costs? Who are your long overdue debtors? All these are crucial areas that you have to take extra care or else it may cause cashflow problem.

Without having your accounts updated, you may not be able to submit your tax return to Inland Revenue Board on time. You may not be able to approach your banker to secure a loan facility for the company's growth.

Let us solve these problems for you. We prepare your full set of accounts, no matter how many years you have behind. We analyse your company financial performance in comparision with past years records, and propose some possible improvement strategy in the future operation.

If your company is a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, the yearly company accounts are to be prepared for the purpose of tax return, but it does not require auditor to evaluate.

If your company is a Private Limited (Sendirian Berhad), accounts in fact is to be booked in 30 days after the transaction in accordance to the Companies Act, 1965. Its yearly company accounts requires to be audited. Later the Financial Statement should have lodged/ submitted together with Annual Return (after holding Annual Gerneral Meeting) to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Companies Commission of Malaysia) every year.

Our accounting services is open for business and company with an interval of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, at your preferences. Advantages of oursourcing us for accounting:

  1. Overcome accounts’ staffing problem, eliminate the personnel costs like EPF/SOCSO, medical fees and their time-off eg. sick leave & annual leave.
  2. More accurate and faster in providing financial statement
  3. More professional in presenting financial information, facilitates management for a good decision-making
  4. Preserve confidentiality in an isolative manner


We welcome you becoming our client in Accounts & Taxation Division for an effective management and growth.



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