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Day by day, month by month, heaps of bill, voucher, bank-in slip and statement getting more and more. Due to these frequent changes in financial data and business transactions, accurate record keeping is very important. Computerising all these tedious daily transactions into a system not only to increase business efficiency but also enhance employees' productivity within the office.

Get UBS Stock Control System installed in the office not only can help you to control all your inventory matters sytematically but also able to produce the real-time data of your existing available stock in all different types at any time with just a finger tip..

Link here for detailed features of UBS STOCK CONTROL SOFWARE SYSTEM:


If you found yourself lose track of inventory records or your staff in the office is unable to control inventory manually, we advise you to get a Stock Control System software installed with the advantages as stated below:

  1. It makes inventory management easy and efficient.
  2. Will have the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and have instant update and inventory status.
  3. Real-time update of stock of each receipt and issue of item.
  4. Can have multi location entry as well as multi payment mode.


We welcome you becoming our client in Accounts & Taxation Division for an effective management and growth.


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