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What is the role difference between Franchisor & Franchisee?


    - Basically a person that grants a franchise to a franchisee and this will include a master franchise with regards to the relationship that it has with a sub-franchisee or unless it has been stated in the Franchises Act 1998.

    - Provide advice to the franchisee on setting up as well as the running of the business.

    - Also assist in the supply of the material and service, training and business, technical assistance as well as marketing.

    - They will have the right to administer the continuous control during the franchise term over the franchisee business operation and this will also be in accordance with that of the franchise systems.



    - Basically a person that has granted franchise, the franchisee will include a master franchisee with regards to the relationship that it has with the franchisor and that of the sub-franchisee and the relationship it has with the master franchisee.

    - Person that is granted such rights is known as the master franchisee.