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How to start protecting your trademark now?
    First Step: Search & Examining availability of your mark
  • To check whether the brand or logo in question available or already owned by a third party or similar to a third party‚Äôs sign and logo valid in the territory concerned, for identical or similar products or services.
    Second Step: Planning a strategy to register your trademarks
  • If the sign is available, you can register in Malaysia or any foreign countries by international registration. Choose which products or services are to be covered, colour or the owner of the trademark.
    Third Step: Implementing the strategy
  • Implementing the strategy as decided by filing the application with the official authorities.

    What INFINITY can do for you?
    ⇒Guide you in your choice of a distinctive, available trademark
    ⇒Carrying out availability searches and analyses them
    ⇒Represent you through all the procedures from application to registration of your trademarks and keeping them in force
    ⇒Monitor your trademarks and those of your competitors
    ⇒Consult you in the event of infringement
    ⇒Draw up and negotiable agreements for licensing, distribution, franchising and acquisition and carry out registration procedures
    ⇒Optimize your trademark portfolio