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How fast I can get the registration done?

    After your proposed 'business name' is approved, you shall be able to get the certificate and trade license in two (2) weeks from the Registrar. However, this is only apply to the business which does not require permit or special license from councilor.

    For businesses requires special license and permit from councilor may take longer time, as its implication of requirements set by the councilor for applicant to comply. The issuance of business certificate and trade license from Registrar will only upon completion of the councilor level.

    Business involves Pub/ Lounge, Night Clubs, Snooker Centres and Lazer Disc Centres/ Mini Ciniplex must obtain Entertainment License. While Printing Licences and Trade & Business Permits for trade involves car accessories & workshops, motorcycle repair and selling of tyres & batteries. Licences must also be obtained by hawkers, food shops and food factories in comply with Public Health Ordinance.


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